Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lesson from a younger sister

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Sister bought a book/
And gave me some wise advice/
Support your circle/

Went out to my usual spot on saturday to get a hookah and some tea (gypsy lounge). One of my sister popped in and asked about my books. I showed her what I had and she purchased a book. I tried to give her change and she refused to take it. She then looked at me and said that "people that are around you should support your work", I had to take second realize the wisdom that she dropped on me. Although this is common sense, it was something that I needed to hear. Actually this was uncommon sense, because very few of us practice this.
I had to go through my mental roladex to see who was in my circle, and who am I supporting. I also needed to take inventory and see who was supporting me. I believe that my little sister's wisdom should encorage you to the same.

Brother Ha2tim
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