Friday, April 8, 2011

Paradigm shift - by Preston J. Harrison

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  Paradigm shift

I followed my highest thought
to see my life transform.
Delusions of grandeur here however,
 have become the norm.
Imagination is a prerequisite,
 this plane is exquisite.
Knock, knock!  Who is it?
Bliss came to visit.
Some may think me crazy
as their normal is insane.
My realities do shift
just one is difficult to claim.
I do a dance then spin around,
there's a carnival in my heart.
I toss a ball to win a clown.
He makes me laugh; my favorite part.
I've worked so hard to build this life
through waking days of solar beams,
and lay here wide awake
to realize my deepest dreams.


Preston J. Harrison
Imperial Integrative Health Research&Development, LLC.
Home of OXYwater
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