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This is not my Life part 2

Gye Nyame 1/8/11Image by esimpraim via Flickr
Have you ever felt/

like screaming for all to hear/

     "This is not my life!!!"

Part 2

The young man looking at elder side ways and shocked.
"I am not avoiding any conflict."
"Bullshit little brother you are avoiding your ultimate conflict with life. You are out here in the world looking for stability, and predictability when life offers none of these. Life only offers us Mystery, and from embracing this mystery the true warrior's axe' (power) flows. You are afraid to loose, struggle, suffer, because you have made up your mind that these things are bad, and because you attempt to avoid them you get your ass tore up, and drag in here crying talking about how nobody wants to helps you. Stop playing with SelfMastery and begin to learn, better yet use what you say you know and take back your life, because if it's not yours you need to find out whose it is......, and give it back to them because you are not happy."
Old man begins to laugh mocking the young. The young man at first looks irratated, but then begins to laugh with the old man especially after he made the gesture of fake wiping his eyes of tears. after they finish laughing the elder embraces the young man, and then gently pushes him away.
"are you ready for the short story i have to tell you."
The young man begins laughing.
"old man why are you lieing we both know you never told a short story i n your life."
The elder gave the young man a slight grin and began.
" you know the story of Gye right?"
Of course elder that is standard info for all members.
"Well in that case tell me how long was Gye in warrior and NB training with the Nyame. "
"come on mr. standard reading, how about what happened to the Nyame after Gye left."
looking at the young man with a very serious look.
"Hhhmm, I will share a little info with you about the Nyame that most members don't know."
Falling silent as if to let the importance of the message sink in.
"It was taught to me by my elder and my sponsor that One Nyame warrior could defeat a hundred warriors, single handedly."
"What?, elder come on you expect...."
"Youngster I don't expect anything I am just sharing a story, or better yet some information with you. Now can i continue."
Elder waited for the young man to give him a signal that symbolized yes.
Well to make a long story short, It was taught to me that the Nyame rather than advance their civilization by mastering external elements of life, moved inward unleashing massive amounts of axe' from all those iniatiated. With this axe' the Nyame warrior was able to shape reality, and bend time/space. This is why it was said that a single Nyame was able to defeat a hundred warroirs, what normal man could stand up before a power such as that? With their training they figured out that they  could literally change reality by adjusting the thoughts that they focused on."
Looking directly at the young man to make sure he had his attention.
"Was that short enough for you?"
"Hell...... tell me more!"
"Nope that is another story for another, but here is the lesson for you....... Perhaps your life does not feel like it is yours because you have given away your thoughts and thereby gave away your axe' (lifeforce), When you begin to think and talk about  what it is you want in your life rather than waisting your time and life force on what you don't want maybe your life will change."
getting up from table and waving at the attendant to get his attention.
"hey bring my young friend another glass of phoenix blood, he is gonna need it because he has to go out and take his life back. hahahahahahahaaa"
The elder got up and left the young man sitting, to finish his drink.

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