Friday, April 8, 2011

True Nation Building

Here is some more samples from a future book as well:

True Nation Building

            Nation building first is a personal endeavor.  We have to have the courage to change our lives.  This no small statement, if any organization with plans of longevity does not first deal with the development of its members it is destined to crumble.  We believe that the sincere Nation Builder is always in process of developing and learning about themselves.  By first learning about ourselves we are able to follow the process of Nation Building.  Contrary to the title we do not start on a large scale.  We begin by building ourselves.  This is why to enter the Tribe a individual must go through an initiation process.  We first build the person, and after they complete the initiation process they must take their lessons to heart and move to the next level.  The levels of Nation Building are:
            It is important that the Tribe develops through this process, growing to fast can be dangerous.  We must take the principles, and values developed in our personal initiation and utilize them in our family.  The next step takes us to organizing clans.  A clan is a group of families that have decided to work together.  Clans progress to tribes, tribes combine into states.  States to regions and regions combine to form a nation
            The most important part of a nation is its people.  The purpose of any nation should be the upliftment, improvement, and protection of the standard of living of its people.  A Nation Builder has to be committed to these ends, and in this commitment work to better himself/herself so that they may be true in their chosen role. 

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