Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Truth is....... - Preston J. Harrison

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The truth is....
in the birth of black babies.
Their eyes tell the tales of a thousand rainy nights.
Their souls sing the song of suffering, sorrow and sadness,
moments of mindless madness yet no promise of the future.

The truth is....
In the lives black men.
Their bravery survived the slavery,
and all the trials most don't endure.
Their spirits loosed when necks were noosed
and all the while their faith secure.

The truth is.....
In the hearts of black women.
Who fight with all their might
and with their lives protect their young.
They cried for lifeless men
and cursed the branch from which they hung.

Their broken faces
reveal a past of a life
which took it's toll.
But in their eyes
lies the truth
of an undefeated soul.


Preston J. Harrison
Imperial Integrative Health Research&Development, LLC.
Home of OXYwater.
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