Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"A now I can die" moment

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A perfect moment/

in which all seems to dissolve/

and work together/

Hopefully you have had a moment in your life like this. You divorce yourself from the past and not hindered by future possibilities. Life appears to work  for you to bring everything together for you. In these moments I find a peace that often eludes me when I seek it to hard. These types of moments can't forced they just appear.
You may not be able to force these moments into existence but you can coax them by proper planning, and developing the ability to know when you are in these types of moments so that you can extract as much from them as you possible can. With practice these moments stop being random experiences and can become permanent ways of existing.
That is right we can develop our lives to be a constant "now i can die moment", all we have to do is begin to realize that our past is not here any longer, and stop fretting the future. When we let the past be just that something we passed it empowers us by allowing us to build in the moment. When we allow the past to be buried we begin to live knowing that the future that we are striving to reach is nothing but a series of moments that we use to erect what it is we will.
So the challenge for us on this Journey is to embrace the moment by cultivating our ability to exist in the moment. By cultivating the moment and extracting all that it has to give us we realize that we don't have to move into the future, but the future moves to us and through us. By us focusing on the moments we begin to experience perfect moments more and more often. Building the life we won't, and by us shaping our lives we inadvertently shape others moments and future as well.
So my dear friend begin building your life by extracting every ounce out of the moments you are given, and like all great warriors when death comes for you, you will be able to face it with a smile. Because you know that you have lived your life to its fullest. No regrets or worries just freedom....true FREEDOM!!!

Here is a challenge for those on Journey:

List out some "now I can die" moments you were blessed with:
For example
1. my first touchdown
2. meeting my brother in Detroit to fly to Ghana
3. my first time going to Ghana
4. kissing my first Love
5. seeing my wife the first time
6. being to bring Cleven Miles to America and watching him meet Cleven Brown (grand father)
7. watching Cleve blow the trumpet.
8. watching my youngest (GeeGee) daughter be born
9. watching GeeGee dance to a Stevie Wonder song
10. second hamblache
11. first sweat lodge
12. first sundance
13. every time Im at a Simba function
14. My 10,000 click on my site
I could go on and on, but I think you get the Idea..

Now paint some moments that you are lining up now:
1. selling my first 10,000 books
2. Taking family to Ghana
3. providing another Job through the Tribe
4. Selling enough products (books, mp3s, DVD, and etc.) to just blog
5.blogging from a beach house in Ghana
6.playing capoeria in Brazil
7. being a major fundraiser in helping Simba purchase its own campsite.
8. Watching Cleve play his first solo on the trumpet
9. GeeGee reading me a story
10. my 100,000 click on my blog
 11. A thousand clicks a day on the Journey
Now make your list and if you want to share it with us here on the Journey

Nuff said
Peace &1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

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