Aha, Eureka, or Enlightenment

Momentary flash/
                                  Of insight into all things/ 
                                      Don't try to grasp it/

Sitting in a airport having flashes of a future time where I will be spending time traveling around the world doing SelfMastery™ trainings, and personal coaching sessions.
I saw a video in the hotel last not stumbling around the Internet. I needed to do a lot of work but I was not in a state to work, and I decided to look for some new information on the net. I had some ideas to blog about from the National Charter School Conference I was attending, plus I had some work I needed to complete before the end of the month. I simply decided to go to sleep.
When I woke up I still did not feel like touching the keyboard, but thoughts began to poke me. Taking pen to paper I allowed the Ha2ku above to flow out and now here we are.
Those moments, those fleeting moments where everything seems to make sense. They hit and seem to be gone in a flash. I have learned that to hold on to these moments ironically we have to let them go. I have found that when I try to grasp them they just vanish, but when I am willing to let them go and flow they will linger.
These moments in their self are a lesson. I'm not talking just about the insights we receive why we are in them, but the challenge they present us with after they are gone. For those that have had these moments where you are totally clear, and for a flash you see how everything works together. We can get caught up into trying to repeat these moments and end up traveling in the wrong direction.
After these moments  happen we feel a desire to not only re-experience, but some of us begin to put labels on these events. In many ways we chase the experience away by trying to box it in.
Throughout time this experience has basically been given many names, and many spiritual and religious traditions have been formed around them. This is where I have to tread gently because these moments whether they are called aha moments, eureka moments, moments of insight, revelations, satori, enlightenment, or what ever the are called are all beautiful, powerful and personal. The problems comes in when certain traditions claim ownership of these moments, and strip what you felt down to their worldview.
Right now it appears that there is a war to control the minds of the world. Science needs you to see it their way, religion needs you to see it their way, and spiritual gurus need you to see it your way. I say go with your heart, and enjoy the moment without out guilt or judgement. Reflect on your sacred moment in the way that you feel comfortable, and remember it is your moment. Don't try to bottle it up and a spread it. Give others the room to experience their moment as well. Because i believe that in the near future people will be getting more insights, and more flash moments.
For me science describe the "what" of the universe. It gives us the size, calculations, categories, and etc.. these things are very important.
Religion gives us the "how" how did we get here, how do we grow, how do we get along, how do we get to the next life and etc..
These flash moments give those blessed enough to have them the "why", like why we exist. These answer are moving and for some scary so we cling to what we know. 
Nuff said
Stay Woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder


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