Gye-Nyame Magic

Magic is the art/
Of using wisdom in life/
Not slight of hand tricks/
I am constantly thinking of concepts and looking at them in different ways. I look at what is presented to me from as many angles as I can. My goal is to develop ideas that can help me move closer to SelfMastery™. The concept of magic is one of the topics that constantly draw my attention. We have been shown and taught that magic is a super secret art reserved for the very few, or its a matter of the hand being faster than the eye. I have to step back and think about what magic really is.
When I look at the word magic, I cant help but to brake it down and by braking it down i get a deeper look and new understanding of this art. When we look at the word magic, if we step back a little, another word pops out from the beginning of the word that sheds some light on this subject: Magi- priest, wo/men of wisdom. Could it be that magic is nothing but applied knowledge, or better yet a magician could mean a wise person that applies knowledge (wisdom) to shape the outcome of an event.
This means that everyone could be a MAGIcian, better yet if we go even further and look at some other names that were applied to people who appeared to be MAGIcal we can see the consistent theme of a person of wisdom coming out. For example the word wizard. Wiz- wise -ard - one who is wise. Now many of us is looking for some ritual or connection to other realms when these words Magician, Vizier, Wizard, and sage all describe individuals who because of their study could make or do what seemed impossible possible.
The most important power for these individuals in ancient times was the ability to predict. This was an important skill to have. Being able to predict important events, at one time would have seemed incredible, when now we know and understand that their are yearly cycles that most people can look at easily tell whats coming next. Magic is far from mysterious. Magic is being able to apply your knowledge to events and make the out come benefit you or your tribe.
Nuff said
Stay woke
Peace & 1hunid years
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman


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