Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gye-Nyame Steaming Journey and Food Buy

I know that you were expecting to see some steamed veggies or fish in my new steamer, but I decided to share with you one of the business that Gye-Nyame Tribe will be involved in. This Pic is one of a box that purchase every two weeks from an Elder who has been running a food buy (he calls it a coop) for over 20 years. I wanted to give you a view of some of the next steaming participants in the coming week. This week Elder Nommo x hooked me up with as you can see: Bananas,pears, greens (in the bag on top, i havent open them yet so i dont know what kind), oranges onions, lettuce, squash, Broccoli, and cabbage.
We have our buy every two weeks, and as i find someome in my tribe with the organizations skills we are going to take this over. Of course we will remain parteners with the Elder, but we will take it to the next level.
The idea is simple We want to NationBuild, by helping our community improve their health. Right now this coop is not organic, but we not only can help move this business to being organic, but we can begin to purchase food from local farmers, and even develop our own community gardens as well. I dont buy food from the coop because the food is the best. I BUY FOOD FROM THIS COOP TO SUPPORT WHAT MY ELDER IS DOING. I still reap the benefits of what this elder did and taught for many years, and I feel that I owe it to him to support this business, and then take it to the next level. So if you are someone that believes that you can build your community, but dont have to exist in poverty hit me up. I need someone with the proper organizing and network skills, that can help build this coop into a full fledge business that supports at least 3 families and still helps support my elder in his work Hit me up. Their are literal food deserts in Columbus and other communities in this Nation, and we can be one of the collectives that cures that problem.  Where there are deserts there are trade routes. Our history shows that the people who controls the trade routes, and provided the travelers safety, and the things that they need, are the ones that rule the area (I wonder if my tribe is hearing me?)
The name of the Food buy would of course be  Nommo x food buy.... Honor Loyalty, and Sacrifice (I hear you say it, but shut up and live it)...hahahahaaa
nuff said
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