Journey on a budget

With cost rising and incomes shrinking. I found it necessary to discuss how to do the Journey without braking our pockets. So someone from Gye-Nyame will be checking in periodically giving some tips on how to make the journey through life, different cities, and countries affordable.
So today I want to share an outfit that was put together for me on a budget. I recently have been introduced to thrifting. Just in time for the traveling part of my Journey begins again.
Now before we get into what was put together lets lay down some ground rules for Gye-Nyame Journey:
Feel free to share your ideas and savings, but dont drop names of brands on blog.
so check out this outfit that was put together for $16.

Now the little change that I saved on purchasing clothes i was able to put it on the trip. I am in the ATL learning and prepare my mind for the new turn that my Journey is bringing. Looking good of course.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
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