The love that hate produced- SelfMastery Training session 4

New book I'm writing/
              called "The Love that Hate produced"/                                                         
                              a tale of victory/

I sat down and started writing a story of a fictional person that over came the hate of the world, and transformed the hate sent at him to love and joy. Leading him or her to victory. Then the thought hit I didn't have to write this story because many of us on this journey live this tale. So I decided rather than write a story that my readers know so well use the motivation in the SelfMastery™ Training I was doing this Sunday. As usual it fit perfectly. Because the focus today was about developing the Narrative (story) of our lives using 7 tools.
Today was a review of previous information and going deeper into the discussion about the use of the seven tools. Of course we were able to explore some side roads on today's journey. We first began with Gye-Nyame SelfMastery™ form of meditation. From there discuss what magic was and its connection to words like genie, wizard, sorcerer, vizier, and wisdom. We also discussed the Umoja source and how to tap into this power to reach goal in life, we discussed the process of creation, and then we got into using the seven tools to erect our personal pyramids. Of course a lot of this information is available on the blog. Just go through archives and check out articles. Some our named others you may need to search out.
After session each individual walked away with the basis of a personal narrative that they can begin writing to improve their life.
Home work for this week:
We will focus on 1st story in "last art of story tellin'" (we also discussed why this book was named in the way it was). In the story you are to read focus on the part that discusses the Phoenix. Because we will discus the importance of symbols and myths in life, and begin to extract how we can use this power as groups and individuals to attract what we want in life.
To begin reading about the Imani in the "player's pyramid" and prepare to share insights
Meditate 5 out of the next 7 days
Recite Gye-Nyame pledge everyday and think about how to improve it just for you (pledge can be found on blog or gye-nyame page on fb
See you next week. I am still finishing some projects so I will be working on those so check into blog, I will be publishing sporadically while I'm in this transition.
Any questions about training or how to find some info hit me up, leave a comment, or just hit me up on the phone. All those interested in receiving a SelfMastery™ coach or even becoming one do the same.
Nuff said
Stay Woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
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