Monday, June 6, 2011

SelfMastery Training - Session 1

I like to thank those who made it out for the class this week. What I will try to do for each week is briefly cover some of the things we talked about as well put the homework in the blog so that everyone can prepare for the next session.
Sunday being the first session at the Gypsy Cafe we discussed;

  1. What the true Self is composed of
  2. The relationship between Axe' (ashe, or ache) and the self
  3. personality and its meaning
  4. gave brief intro to books that we would be using
  5. discussed importance of meditation, and how to properly breath during meditation
Homework is to read the first chapter in the Player's Pyramid, first story in the Lost art, and to begin using the work book.
see you next week.

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