Friday, July 8, 2011

The Baba- chapter 9 part 3

“First saluting my Creator and my ancestors. I ask that your guiding hands lead me through this test. May you open my eyes and my ears so that I can follow your example and call.” I paused for I didn’t know what else to say but something began to happen. I can’t describe what but words began to pour out of my mouth. “Creator of the universe, illustrious ancestors, forgive me for my past, forgive me for turning away from your guiding hands, and thank you for this new life you have laid before me. I give thanks and I will do with it as you will. Allow me to do only those things that you will have me do, and allow me to walk the path of all of our ancestors, our great ancestors that walked before me like, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Taharka, Imhotep, Shaka, Hanibal, El Hajj Malik el Shabez, Shakaka, MLK, and all those I didn’t call. Touch my heart and all those hearts around me so that we will always be reminded of the struggles that our people have went through, and allow us to learn from their struggle.”At this point I began crying, fighting through my tears. “Thank you for the challenge you have given me and allow me to accomplish it or die trying. Allow the vision that I return with be the map for my life, for I am lost and I am now calling on you for guidance. Axe’, axe’, axe’.”
Everyone repeated axe’. Shekem touched my shoulder. Kwesi put water on the rocks. We completed the first cycle. Everyone said a prayer and we sung a song and they opened the lodge putting more rocks in. We did this a total of four times by the time it was over I felt reborn. We crawled out of the tent and the world looked brand new. I put my clothes on, and Kwesi led me to what he described as my sacred spot. We walked for about another 30 minutes and we came to a beautiful spot that had been set up for me. A small circle in the middle of a field complete with a small tent for sleeping and getting out of the sun. By the time we reached the spot it was late afternoon. It was hot, but nothing like the lodge. Kwesi gave me my instructions.
“Jay you are to stay out here and pray for a vision. We will check on you as long. As long as you are in this circle you are safe. Stay in, if you have to relieve yourself go off to the woods but when you come back sage the circle. Three times a day; at sunrise, highnoon, and sunset, you are to pray toward all directions, earth and the sky and do a verbal libation, you understand?”
“Yes Sir”
He saged me at the circle and they Walked away singing “I’m on my way.” I watched him walking away and they got smaller and smaller, and eventually they were gone. I was alone except for the life in the woods. I looked up at the sun, and for the first time I realized how beautiful and powerful it was. The heat and light was warming me and all of the life around me. I noticed for the first time the beauty of the trees, and the humbleness of the grass. I immediately was over taken by the beauty of creation, and truly felt humble. I am part of an amazing circle. I sat on the ground and just began to watch nature, and it seemed nature began to watch me. I noticed in the woods a group of deer came out to graze. They stopped to look at me, but didn’t come close. I began to think over my life and realized that my whole life was preparation for this moment. I began to pray out loud. I noticed bees were flying from flower to flower; it was amazing. I had spent most of my life never paying attention to nature, and amazed at how I had overlooked all of the beauty.
I looked at the sun and it started to go gown and I noticed the change. It went from a concert to a quiet moment, as if everything was paying homage so I began my prayer out loud. I stood to my feet and raised my hands to the east first.
“I raise my hands to the east. I pray for my people and all my ancestors that are in the east. I recognize the east for from east my freedom flows, and wisdom awaits me. I salute the east where the sun starts its journey anew each and everyday,” turning to the north, “I salute the north and all of my ancestors and people that dwells in the north. The home of death and renewal. Where the cold winds of winter come to cleanse the earth. Where death dwells.” Turning to the west where I saw something I never saw before: the beauty of the setting sun. “To the west, the end of the day I salute you and all of my people and ancestors that dwell in you. I salute the west where all trials and tribulations flow from. It is because of you I know growth and improvement,” turning to the south, “To the south I salute you. I salute my ancestors and people that dwell in you. You are the abode of new life. In you, things are made in you.” I lifted my hands to the sky. “I salute you sky for you encompass the world and unite us all as one under your protection. You provide us with the very air we breathe and give us the gift of rain that nourishes us.” Dropping to my knees. “I salute you earth. You are the mother of life, from you all elements combine, and give us food, clothing, and shelter.” I stood back on my feet. "I thank the entire universe.”

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