Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What if hell is not/
                                Place of Fire and brimstone/ 
But a state of mind/

My mission as a SelfMastery™ coach is to free people from the hell that they have built for themselves. What qualifies me to do this? This is probably the question that rise in many of your minds.
Let me introduce myself to you. I am known as Ha2tim Gye-Nyame. I have been working in my community for years. I have had success and failure. I have been happy and sad. I have spent my life seeking a better way. I know that people do not have to settle in life. The fact that I have found is that peoples lives reflects what it is they think about the most. In my research I have found that in neuroscience they have found that the thoughts we think and the things we learn change the physical structure of our brains. If this is true the question you need to look into is what is it you think about the most.
I as a SelfMastery™ coach have developed a simple system that can help people get to where they want to be in there life. I have researched these methods for years. I have been able to use these methods to move through my life. Now I simply has laid down some of the discoveries so that others can add them to their life. I recognize the value of coach and have chosen to use coaching methods to help others. My success is connected directly to those that receive my services. I was born to help and advise others, and this is what qualifies me. I have spent my life helping others. Those that invest in this process I can guarantee success if you trust it. You see the ultimate the ultimate power of this system is you.
I felt that it was important to blog about this and introduce myself to you. I thank you for reading and encourage you to purchase the books to help support this Journey. All you have to do is look to the left side of the screen and click one of the books. I suggest you start with the Player's Pyramid, and then move from there. If you ever have question feel free to hit me up by leaving a comment or just look me up.
Nuff said
Stay Woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
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