Friday, July 15, 2011

People with vision

People with vision/
                    Are often tormented by/
people who cant see/

This is a tough spot to be in. Often as a visionary the first test we have to get by is those in our lives that can't see the possibilities that we see. We have to bold enough to step out side the box.
Many would be happy if we just gave in an acted as a robot but those of us that are on the journey know that would kill us. When i think about the societies that we have to journey through in this life the only metaphor that comes to mind is that of a vampire. It seems to me that we are surrounded in this world by human and institutional vampires. All aimed at sucking our life force (axe') out of us. Turning us into lifeless machines that just work no question asked. As these vampires suck on us the vision of our lives are supposed to fade and we are supposed to surrender our soul, and become what the vampires want us to be. Vampires need lifeless robots, or gimps to serve them without questions. Those that have found their path and have started their Journey do not surrender. We seek out our vision and use our life force (axe') to keep it alive and eventually make it real. By holding on to our vision we become a threat. We are often singled out and persecuted. Because we choose to follow our vision rather than bow down to the vamps around.
Those with a vision I salute you because by hanging on to it you provide the light to keep the vamps back from consuming the world
Nuff said
Stay woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
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