Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up early birds singing/
praising sun that will send light/
that will bless our day/

Each new day is a chance for us to improve on we are. As I heard these bird sing it touched my heart. To think that these birds are exposed to the harshness of nature. They are exposed to the weather and are more than likely being hunted by something for a quick meal, but yet they still sing. They may go days without eating, loose their babies, and/or mate, but they still sing. As I sat still and listened I was humbled that this being that we as humans disrespect by destroying their habitats, or breed them by the billions for food. Has a connection with nature that is so powerful that they sing when the sun rise. Even though they don't know what is coming in the day they sing. My question to those on the journey is have you sung your song of thanks this morning. Have you allowed the spirit to flow through you today. Have shared your axe' with the multiverse, or are you so caught up in the world that you have lost your song, and now need the radio to sing for you. Has this world taken away your connection to the real world. Have your tie choked the real life out of you and you have stop singing your personal praise. like those birds I heard this morning.

Rise old sun and glow on me,
touch my face and awaken the god in me,
teach me to remember what it is I forgot, 
thank you for your diligence, and your service, 
you set the example for my devotion.
When you shine you represent that which created you,
and today I will do the same...

Nuff said
Stay woke
Peace & 1hunidyers

dont get adde to #youhatenbastard list.

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