Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boring meeting

Sitting in meeting/
Speaker speaks,and my mind drifts/
Like leaf blown in wind

I have made it back to the world, and prepareing for the coming year. Putting my plans together and going through trainings. My mind often drifts to being independent and how can I begin to do more trainings on SelfMastery™, and how to build an institution that can help support all the worthy causes I am involved with.
It seems that the things that I love are under financial attack. These are hard times for worthy causes. For those involved in nation building, warriorship, and on this journey you understand. We have to wrestle with the fact that the bottom line often clashes with doing the right thing, and since we do the right thing we get taxed.
This appears to be the way of the world, but I have figured out that I am not part of this world. I have personally began to make the changes to help those things in my life that inspire change in the world. By donating time and money to them. I have figured out that no one will value my things more than me. So I have to work to value them by more than word but with with my deeds.
Challenge to all those reading begin to support worthy organizations and task around you with monthly donations. It does not matter the size of the donation but the intent behind it. If you don't have a worthy cause you can always donate to the Simba Nation, hit up the Gye-Nyame Journey tip jar, or just by a book from Gye-Nyame Journey (portion of proceeds go to Simba and Gye-Nyame Tribe), the point is to support local and national organization that are working to make the world better, and/or spiritually feeding you. Keep Nation Builders, and Warriors, like myself, out of boring meetings. Hahahaaahahaa
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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