Friday, September 30, 2011

First time in LA & 25000th vie

Beautiful journey/
In the city of Angels/
Eating by ocean/

I was blessed to be sent to LA for a training. The training is doing nothing but cofirming for me that it is time for me to begin promoting myself and the ideas of Gye-Nyame Tribe. Although I am getting good information and the trainer is good. We are doing nothing but going over someone else view of the world. So money is being paid for me to hear things that I already know and share with those around me.
I often find myself in this situation and Im quite sure that many people that read this may also experience this. The wuestion that usually pops up for me is what can I do next to move my life to the next level. What am I missing that prevents me from being the trainer rather than the trained. I guess this will be something I ponder and continue to work on as I complete my next series of books.
On to another subject. I would like to thank all my readers and visitors of my site. I just was blessed enough to have my 25000th visitor. I thank all of you from tthe bottom of my heart, and I pray that you were able to get some form of inspiration from the Journey blog. Peace & Nuff said
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

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