Friday, September 30, 2011

OXYwater Explaination from Preston Harrison

As one of the two founders of OXYwater , it has become increasingly clear that John Q. Public needs a
baseline explanation of our beverage. Consider the following as my attempt to do so.

First off, OXYwater was created to serve as the highest all-natural beverage choice for all individuals
regardless of age, medical condition or fitness level. OXYwater is a truly unique product and should be
considered by all to be a stand- alone beverage. It was our belief, as well as our intent, for OXYwater
to dominate the market upon release and sustain that dominance by filling the void created by all of
the “gimmicky” and “sugary” drinks out there. Upon completion of this article you will be certain that
OXYwater is the best choice for those in pursuit of the ultimate hydration beverage and here are the
reasons why:

As most of you know, the government is mandating the removal of all of the previously
mentioned “sugary” sodas and juices from many institutions across the country including: hospitals,
schools, daycare centers and nursing homes for our elderly. This collapse or void in the marketplace is
only suitable for a first- to-market product like OXYwater. We proudly fill that void by choosing Stevia as
our sweetener. Specifically Reb-a, which is an extract from the natural sweetener that is regulated by
the FDA.

I have been asked many, many times how OXYwater is different than the other waters available for
public consumption? My answer is always the same. A bit long-winded but the same none the less.
OXYwater is the only multi-faceted and multi-functional beverage in the industry. Multi-faceted from
the perspective that we appeal to all demographics because of our organic ingredients and multi-
functional because of the diverse nature and functionality of said ingredients when separated and
discussed individually, which I will now do.

OXYwater, by design, is actually 6 waters in 1. That’s right! I said 6 functional beverages in one!
OXYwater is a “Vitamin B water”. It consists of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. B vitamins are often
referred to as the “happy vitamins” mostly because they have been reported to ease stress, aid in
memory, support and increase metabolism along with boosting energy levels.

OXYwater obviously is an oxygen water with increased oxygen levels. What you probably did not know
is that through our special process we have been able to split the water molecules and infuse them
with oxygen to actually trap them inside the liquid, stabilizing the water simultaneously. Very different
than other popular and ineffective methods such as adding peroxide treatments to water , causing
carbonation that escapes as soon as you open the cap.

OXYwater is a mineral water. The human body contains over 70 trace minerals which are essential for
hormone regulation, transporting oxygen to cells, bone and tissue maintenance and aiding digestion.
For centuries we were able to replenish these trace elements/minerals from many raw foods such as
fruits and veggies. Now that is no longer possible because there is a worldwide deficiency in nutrient

OXYwater @$2.79?

rich soil due to poor environmental conditions. You will be happy to know that OXYwater combats the
problem by replenishing over 70 trace minerals in just one 20oz. bottle.

OXYwater is also an electrolyte water. Anyone that has ever dropped an ounce of sweat from your body
already knows the importance of electrolytes. Their major functions are to serve as an electrical conduit
for the human body, normalize the cell and organ functioning, stabilize the cardiovascular system and
slowdown the dehydration process. Yes! OXYwater replenishes your electrolytes without any tricks or
gimmicks, but I will get into that later.

OXYwater is also an antioxidant water. I am proud to say that our beverage has the same orac value
as eating 3 servings of fruit. For those that do not know, orac (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is a
value assigned to a product based on said products capability of neutralizing free radicals, earning the
right to be called an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals, detoxify and serve as
an anti-aging, revitalizing element that has become very popular around the world. I have been asked
many times what happens if you ingest too many antioxidants? Will that cause a spike in free radicals?
The answer is no! Our water contains positively charged ions that neutralize the negative charged ions
forming as free radicals, eliminating them from the body.

OXYwater is last but not least, a ginseng water. For centuries, ginseng has been viewed by many to be
another anti-aging, energy booster. It has been known to reduce stress and lethargy while combating
impotence in some men. With all of the historical benefits of ginseng and the fact that it is another
natural substance, we thought it only fitting to add it to the formula. The main idea we must all
remember is that if we were to purchase all of these ingredients separately to fulfill FDA requirements
for daily allowances, we’d all be broke. Therefore, we should consider ourselves fortunate to be able to
buy a complete product like OXYwater for just $2.79.

When Tommy and I started this company, the first thing everyone wanted to do was compare it to
everything else, justified or not. Let’s start with the taste. There is nothing on the market to fairly
compare it to. What I mean is fair for the competition. As an enhanced water with 0 calories, 0 sugars,
0 carbs and 0 caffeine, we blow everyone away with the taste. The problem is everyone forgets that it
is water and wants to compare the taste to non-water products. The next thing everyone wanted to do
was compare us to the big energy drinks or sports drinks or vitamin drinks. Guess what I said? Let’s do
just that, let’s compare OXYwater to all of the other big beverage drinks.

First I’d like to attack, I mean address, the beverage giants out there that use the concept of “functional
beverage” too loosely for my taste. In my experience there are only a handful of companies that can call
themselves a functional beverage without losing the integrity of benefits supporting the functionality.
An example of this would be an energy drink. I cannot say it is a false claim if it gives you energy right?
Right. What I can say is that most energy drinks use sugar, caffeine or other stimulants to produce
energy. Once the stimulant wears off and the crash begins because your adrenal glands have been
beaten up, there is no longer any benefit. In fact , quite the opposite. If you choose sugary, caffeine-
based stimulants for energy allow me to present you with an absolutely FREE alternative. Go to your
nearest electrical wall socket. Lick your finger and stick it in the socket. I guarantee you will have the

OXYwater @$2.79?

same experience as you have drinking the popular energy drinks: a sudden rush or jolt of energy causing
you to feel jittery and even nauseous. Followed by an accelerated pulse and an increase in blood
pressure ending with the ultimate crash and fried nerves.

OXYwater gives you what your body requires as it replenishes what the body already consist of without
adding in any foreign substances or ingredients. The combination of the ingredients in our formula act
as a signaler to tell the body that it now has energy. Now you know the difference between a stimulant
and a signaler. Winner: OXYwater.

Next I’d like to look at the popular sports drinks. Again, this is still an issue of functionality vs. beneficial.
Most sports drinks promote recovery and energy by using the electrolytes as the attraction. What
they don’t tell you is that they also use excessive amounts of sodium and sugar which counters the
short term benefit of recovery with long term dehydration and a spike in blood pressure. Have you
ever noticed that when you work out really hard and drink a sports drink you never feel like your thirst
has been quenched? How could it? You have taken in excessive amounts of sodium which further
dehydrate causing more thirst, which is masked initially by the artificial energy you feel because of
the excessive sugar. OXYwater replenishes your electrolytes with no tricks or gimmicks, just quality
ingredients. The added oxygen restores the mental clarity lifting the mental fatigue that sets in
frequently after exercise. Winner: OXYwater.

OXYwater sits quite comfortably in the middle of the enhanced water market. There is not much to
discuss in terms of enhanced waters. Most are gimmicks and the rest are simply ineffective. The
baseline point in regards to OXYwater in contrast to the other enhanced waters is that again, OXYwater
is multi- functional. As I stated before OXYwater is the only multi-faceted and multi-functional
beverage on the market. Winner: OXYwater.

Let’s look at all of the antioxidant teas and drinks quickly. As you will find with specialty drinks they
are often, and by often I mean always, one dimensional. They are produced to achieve a certain result.
Most people do not take the time to really examine if they are truly obtaining desired results. What
usually happens is people read the label and find peace in that it is supposed to be “good for them” so
it must be” doing something.” OXYwater has already made believers out of everyone that has tried it
for one reason. Tangible benefits! Our brand is sweeping the nation because people can feel it. They
report mental clarity, a boost in energy and a sustained feeling of overall wellness. Winner: OXYwater.

Coincidentally, I have just outlined the strategy for OXYwater to dominate in 4 different categories in the
beverage industry. We will stand at the top of the energy drinks, sports drinks, enhanced waters and
specialty antioxidant drinks markets. All of that for just $2.79.

WHY $2.79? I will tell you why.

You don’t go to a Mercedes dealership expecting to pay Buick prices do you? No. You get what you pay

Every beverage on the market that is deemed functional cost $3.00 or more. Obviously the store owners

OXYwater @$2.79?

need to treat us that way and put us in the cooler with other functional beverages not waters. To do so
we need to educate them on the difference between the two.

Our product has qualified for being placed on the produce side of grocery store chains. Not many
beverages can say that.

We are a grass-roots brand that cares about the people. We support breast-cancer research: OXYpink.

We support the Special Olympics: OXYgold.

We support America and our troops with the “Patriot” line: OXYred, OXYwhite and OXYblue.

We have provided the world with the highest option for hydration, bar-none.

WHY $2.79? Because we are OXYwater. THE TAKEOVER HAS BEGUN……..


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