OXYwater Thanksgiving Giveaway

A new Titan is rising in Columbus, Ohio by the Name of OXYwater. This is a product that is a first of a kind product that is 6 drinks in one. This water provides the body with oxygen (through a patented process that infuses the water with more oxygen), B vitamins, 70 trace minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and the power of ginseng. with 0 calories, and 0 sugar all the benefits and no downside. I personally call it the "Nectar of the gods" because from my personal use of this product I have felt the benefits, and have been inspired to inform all my readers about it.
This company has not only hit the market with a one of a kind health product they have decided to give back to the community. In the midst of all the turmoil that is being unleashed in this world we have a company that has decided to turn around and not sit on their profits, but reach back into the city they have come from and distribute over 1000 boxes this thanksgiving that will feed over 4000 people. They have formed partnerships with some community organizations (soon to be announced stay tuned to my blog, and/or follow me on twitter @ha2tim or friend me on FB) to distribute these boxes. 
Knowing that these boxes will go fast I suggest you stay tuned for pre-registration information. I will be sending out information in the next few weeks. So get out and try OXYwater they will be made available in many stores around the country. Get at me and let me know what you think about this drink. I personally in 2012 will be doing a OXYwater challenge and surviving on nothing but OXYwater. hahahaa. So stay tuned and be looking out for more giveaways, contest, and events sponsored by OXYwater in fact  follow them on Twitter @tryOXYwater, or goto the website tryOXYwater.com
the pre-registration form will be made available from the giveaway sites as well as over the internet, and of course on my blog.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears


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