Friday, October 7, 2011

Suns rise

I was blessed to be picked up by 3 of my sons recently and they taught me an important lesson that will resonate with me forever. They discussed with me their personal life goals. Sometimes I felt that all my talking was wasted but young folks always hear. They proved that my metaphore for life is true. Our children are like trees that take years to grow. Just take care of them, keep as many pest away as possible, and fertilize them with your ideas. Then one day they will begin to bare fruit.
As I sat and listened and conversed with these young men they made me proud. Because they all were talking about going into business for themselves. To sit their and see my young suns rise brought a light to my heart, and let me know that no matter how hard the Journey may be or may get in the end it is worth it.
I would encourage everyone that reads this short article to take some time on your walk and invest in the next generation. Your pay back will be watching them blossom and bear fruit, and who knows maybe you will be able to eat from their tree in times of need. hahahaahaaa
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears
 p.s. Just in case some of my daughters read this I am proud of you as well, so stop hating!!!!!

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