Monday, November 7, 2011


By standing for Truth/
you automatically crush/
the lies in the world/
In a world that is insane this is a lonely place to be. Truth the bastard child of reality, that everyone say they love, but avoid as if it has the plague. Many claim they want it, but pushes it out the door when it shows up.
Those of us on our Journey need to know that like the truth you will be shunned because like the truth you reveal things that others are more comfortable ignoring. You expose weaknesses, and uncover pains that have been hidden. The worst part for the Journeyer is that we try to help, heal, or accept. By doing this we become the focus of small minds who need some form of opposition to feel complete, and because the journeyer refuses to take sides in conflicts (taking sides usually causes us to get attached and stops our Journey cold) we make easy prey (or at least it seems) for those causing confusion by keeping truth hidden.
Journeyer continue to be you, help, heal and most importantly accept. The world and Truth is depending on us to keep the balance (amateur haters are throwing the Universe out of balance). hahahahahahahahaaa

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