Blessings in disguise

Made love to fatigue/
My son stamina was born/
Now he runs with me/

 A new part of my journey has launched, and I have begun to explore running. I have started a training program that will prepare me for half-marathons and beyond. First I want to send shots out to RBGfit Club for suggesting the book "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall. Which has motivated me to get up and start to running again. This is an excellent book written in a story format. That gives you information that you can use without boring you to death with tons of facts. This book talks about running style, types of shoes to wear or not to wear, methods of running, heroes of ultra marathons, relationship between endurance running and human survival, diet and etc... This book gave me a whole new view of running and why I have been called or should I say recalled to do it.
This book helped me take a new look at what running is in my life and what it could be. I have decided to use the information that i have found and use it in my personal journey to health and wellness.
I highly suggest that you read this book and share it with your friends.

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