Those that ask questions/
are the most dangerous souls/
in world of ideas/
Ideas like viruses try to replicate themselves and mutiply within beings, and then attempts to spread themselves into the minds of others. Like all living beings (and I stress the term living beings) they fight to survive. The ultimate level of an idea's development is to become an unquestionable truth, or ultimately move into the realm of a belief. Then it can be spread by its carrier with a fervor that is in some cases unstoppable and dangerous to those who dare to question its validity. You can recognize these unhealthy ideas or what I like to call mental viruses by the defense mechanism that are erected within them. These defense mechanisms usually are based around some sort of fear. Now I will not mention some of these mental viruses that are out in the world now because it will make me an enemy and possibly a target of some of you reading this, but I believe a large part of humanity are infected by these mental viruses.
These mental viruses seem to attack the part of our mind that ask questions and may cause us to attack those that do. This is because the cure for them is asking question, and seeking the answer in the real world. If an idea is exposed to a questioning mind truely seeking understanding, and that seeking mind test the ideas then the idea based on bullshit will eventually begin to smell and loose its hold and will eventually die within that person. In fact the untestable unquestion ideas will never take root in questioners mind.
In a idea driven world the questioner will become public enemy number 1. So those questioners out there especially since we are moving full speed into the new millennium prepare yourself for the riddicule, the betrayles, and maybe the crucifixtions that will be sent your way. All these things are the price of your freedom, but here is a mental virus for you it is worth it (hahahahaaa).
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