Friday, January 20, 2012

Ron Paul booed

Ron Paul was booed in a debate (1-16-12) in the South for stating that perhaps America needs to follow the "Golden Rule" in our forein policy. For those that dont know the golden rule it states do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
Although I do not support Paul or anyone else in politics at this present time, I could do nothing but shake my head as I watched the clip of Paul being booed for making sense. What has this country morphed into. Do certain segments believe that we are above the rules that we teach our children. This event demonstrated th hypocrisy that is running rampent in this country.
Being one on the Journey, i am preparing my mind and body for the crash with reality that this country moving toward full speed. We are electing and supporting leaders who have no moral fiber, and being legitimate statements because of our pride as a nation. I guess that is why the ancients taught that "pride proceeds the fall", so get ready for the ride that is coming.
Let me stress I am not into doom and gloom predictions. I am just pointing out that America can not continue on the road we are heading down with out some repercusions. Change is coming and depending on how you look at change it will either be a door to opportunity (heaven) or a door to confusion (hell). So i stress "get your mind right".
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