Finding salvation/
Through moving to my limits/
Run, Gye-Nyame, Run/

While doing a Warrior training, we began discussing the importance of the Pledge to our organization. We began to walk through the pledge as a group:

"I am a Gye-Nyame Man and I was born for greatness, My greatness flows from my Potent Center.
I Pledge to find and connect with my Potent Center."

 At this point the question was raised about our personal center, and being able to harness the power it holds. Our discussion first hit the points around the personal power that each of us have, but then the discussion turned from the mysterious power, to the location of our center. We often discuss the power of the center but we never talk about how to find it. Through the process of elimination we discovered  that we had a bunch of fancy names for where our center lies (soul, mind, chakra, and etc..), but we had no definite directions to the center. From here the warriors began to ask QUESTions. Through these questions we discussed one of the methods that Gye-Nyame tribe uses to find our center, RUNNING.
Yes I said running, this sacred art that has been equated with pain and misery is the key that not only can help you connect with who you really are, but was a major contributor to our species ability to survive. Through running if you are able to surrender yourself to it, fall into a rhythm, and relax will allow you to connect with your center. In this state problems will be solved, miracles will happen, ideas will rise, and health will be improved. You have to push yourself to your limits to get plugged into your Potent Center, and running is one of the major ways to push yourself to your limits.
So get out and join us, run to the store, your job, school, and etc.. Allow the power of this sacred art to help heal you. Did you know that in some culture running is equal to prayer, and is a form of meditation. When you run you fall into a trance and move into a a peaceful state. So enjoy, and maybe I will run into, or with you soon.


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