Wisdom from the mouth of babes

I sat down to watch the movie "Inception", as the movie approached the end my son came down and began watching and asking questions.  Here is a script of our conversation:
Cleve: "why are they floating in the movie?"
Ha2: "gravity is messed up because in one dream they are in a free fall and it is effecting the second dream they are in."
Cleve: "oh they are having more than one dream at the same time?"
Ha2: " yep that is exactly what is happening."
Cleve: " well why is one dream moving so slow?"
Ha2: "time is different at each level of dreaming.  According to the movie on the first level of dreaming every minute of real time is equal to 1 hour of dream time. On the next level of dreaming 1 minute of our time is equal to a week, and on the third level it moves to years."
I  prepared myself for a birage of question I thought this would bring from him, and already was preparing what I would say next, but he had no more questions just a simple statement that blew my mind.
Cleven just paused looked at me thoughtfully and stated:
Cleve: " Oh like the "Thundar Cats", when Lion O went to the astral plane."
Ha2: "I'll be damned! ........ Yeah, that was brilliant Cleve 
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