360 mile Quest

I am on a quest/
360 miles till/
I find my Center/

I have been focusing a lot lately on the Gye-Nyame pledge in my classes as well as in my post. As I reflect upon what was written in the pledge and the other materials of the Gye-Nyame Tribe I can't help but find new insights that have been sitting right in my face for years.
Physical fitness has been a major component of this Tribe from the beginning (UGRR days till now), but I have not been focusing on it. The bottom line is that there can be no advancement as a warrior if we do not develop all parts of our being. By not focusing the tribe on developing their physical skill, I have been depriving them of the opportunity to really push past some of those "self imposed limitations" we speak of in our pledge and handbook. The physical part of our being is the foundation in which the other aspects of our being (Spirit, & Mind) rest  upon.
2012 is the year that Gye-Nyame heads back toward the underground, and begins to train all 3 parts of our being equally. Starting with our running. Running is a major piece in our fitness journey. For a Gye-Nyame Warrior running will become an activity in which all aspects of our being are developed together. We will discuss that in our classes, workshops, and future articles.
Right now I am developing a 360 mile quest for everyone involved with Gye-Nyame. The goal is to get the entire Tribe running. Those who are serious about finding their "potent center" will join the 360 mile quest. The goal is to get everyone to promise to run 1 mile per day and by the end of the year accumulate at least 360 miles. I will developing a form that can be used to help keep track of miles that each individual run. At least one weekend a month I will be offering group runs to help people develop their stamina for their personal prayer runs or moving meditation (run).
For individuals to be promoted a certain amount of miles will have to be accumulated as well as an initiation run whose length will depend on the level of rank, of course the higher you go the longer the run. It is time for us to begin to look at the spiritual and mental side of working out, and use that as a motivating factor to get us off our asses and into our workout (or you can say worship). Think about it if we look at these runs as meditation time, prayer time, or devotional time it will be easier for some us to move.
It works toward our enemies advantage when we look at our physical fitness as drudgery. We need to make these times important and fun so that we can stay consistent.
For those willing to take the challenge here is the link to help keep track of your miles:
Gye-Nyame Journey's 360 Mile Quest Challenge

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