Vibram Five finger shoes for the Journey or not for the Journey

On the Journey i have discovered that we need tools to make the journey easier and more enjoyable. Since in 2012 i have added to the vision of Gye-Nyame Journey and add a major physical fitness component I have begun to experiment with tools.
My latest and maybe greatest tool I have invested in is the Five Finger Vibram  Bikila running shoe. At first I was skeptical about these shoes that reminded me of Hank McCoy's feet especially when I imagined putting them on my size 12s, but I needed to do something because in the past when i attempted to do long distance runs I would hurt my ankles. So being open to new ideas I began to research how to improve my running style so that I could do my running without hurting myself. I ordered a few books about running and ran into some studies about barefoot running, but i needed away to run barefoot without hurting my feet. According to my research running barefoot would help protect my ankles by allowing my body to absorb the impact of my runs in a natural way. This made perfect sense to me because I personal had found that no matter how much I paid for my running shoes i would hurt myself. I decided barefoot running was worth a try, but it gets cold where I am and I wanted to be able to run regardless of the weather. I first invested in a pair of zemgear barefoot shoes, but they were useless after a week I wore the bottoms out. At this point i decided to invest in some Vibrams because I began to enjoy my runs and wanted to continue.
The highpoints: although I have eliminated the ankle pain, my calves are killing me. The shoes actually allow you to feel the road and experience your body adjust to them. So far I have been able to knock off a minute off of each mile run without even trying.
The lowpoints: they are so intiszing that you can want to over do it and get super sore around the calves. Your toes can take some time to get use to being seperated into their own space.
Over all they are excellent shoes for anyone looking for a close to the earth experience, and who want to feel what the feet were designed for. Worth the money.
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  1. Vibram five fingers sale is equally important to stimulate and exercise the foot in a more natural state on a regular basis.We all know that Running barefoot vibram five fingers seems to be a dangerous step because there are lots of dangers waiting for your bare skin.


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