How Can You Denie

How can you denie/
 the power of Umoja/
 when its in your face?

 Gye-Nyame has been existence for quite awhile and I took a serious look back and was amazed by how people in the tribe and those on the fringes have benefited. Through partenerships, collaberations, and unity we have been able to create opportunities from absolutely nothing. So I have to ask the question asked in my Ha2ku, "how can you denie the power of Umoja (unity), when it slaps you in the face?: Housing over 25 young men, 5-7 at a time and being able to feed them and help the majority of them survive the summers from 1999-2007 Sending at least 5 boys a year to Simba camp 1999-2005 and then through a collaberation with (UW) increasing the number to 10-12 per year from 2005 to present Providing or openning opportunites for over 20 individuals to make money as either employees or contractors Openning opportunities for individuals to travel across country and to network with like minded people Creating 2 albums and 3 books Assisted in taking 14 young men to Ghana 3 camping trips and accumulating enough equipment to house 30 people in the woods. Just to name a few, and all this was done with just a few dedicated people. We had no money or owned any territory, we just had a desire to get it done. I could only wonder what would happen or could be if people really focused on the goals and not the bullshit. It amazes me that those who have been involved or around all this time can not see the power of Umoja, and the Creator working through us. With all that being said I will express my concerns in my usual cryptic way:
 When you were hungry/
 We fed you, and you grew strong/
 Now you curse our name/

Nuff said
 Peace and 1hunidyears


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