Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Million Dollar Idea (smart phone App) I

Has your phone ever disappeared, and you attempted to find it and assumed that it was stolen but knew that thief could have not got to far away. Well hear is an App idea, i have vision but don't have skill to develop it. Why not have an App that basically could shut your phone down, and sound an alarm that could only be turned off with a code only the true owner knows. The alarm would sound every time phone was turned on, or was being charged. This would render phone unusable by thief.
This app would also help those that always misplaced their phone but had access to the internet. I don't know if this app exist, if it does I apologize in advance to the creator of this app, but if not and you have the gumption, and the know how get busy.
Hey by the way I would appreciate it if you gave me some props,and made a donation to my favorite non profit  organization (Simba Circle). hahahaaa

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