Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sending Props to Seth Godin

On this Journey you have to sometimes adjust your trajectory. You sometimes end up on a dead end trail, because the Journey is about gaining the experience so that you can share what you know. At these times it is good to humble yourself and admit that you are lost. What I have found in life is  that when you let your ego go and ask the universe for help, something always appears. Sometimes it's a book, a map, gift, and if you are lucky  a person.
During one of my lost moments, I happened to be on looking for videos. This is when I ran into Seth Godin's presentation entitled "The Tribes We Lead". He presented answer to questions I had been wrestling with. I suggested that those on the Journey check the video out. Now I want to send props for a few major things I learned from @sethgodin:

1. I was not trying to build organizations, but Tribes. It was something I had being doing but did not know what to call it. By being introduced to this idea, I have changed the way I organize. Rather than trying to get large groups I have learned to be content with small serious groups with similar passions and Ideas.

2. After watching him on TED I joined his mailing list and now  receive between 1-3 emails a day. I enjoy reading and by reading I have gained this insight. A GOOD BLOG DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LONG, it does not have to be life changing, and  it does not have to be perfect. On the other hand you have to passionate about what it is you do write about, and if you do have a insight that is "Earth Shaking" then turn it into a manifesto.

3. I can be a successful writer by self publishing, and the strangest idea yet.... I don't have to get paid for my books I just need to perfect developing Idea viruses and sneeze.....haaaachu..... got.

In my book "Player's Pyramid"  I discuss the need to find mentors, and models for what it is you want to accomplish. Once again I asked the Universe for help and I definitely  received it.

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