Being successful on the Journey of life is a habit. This habit of success is built up on practices that are consistent and empowering. The warrior on the Journey needs to develop personal practices that grow into habits that move them toward their goals. By developing these habits they make their movement a fact, habits once they are cued will begin without thought. This frees the mind of the warrior to be able to create more habits that will further free him/her to create more habits so that eventually their life is full of balanced habits that move them toward a successful life and peaceful Journey.
For those that are new to the Journey and may not know too much about the Gye-Nyame system let me explain what a warrior is. When we look at the definition of warrior we find that it simple means:
“One who is experienced or involved in conflict”
Looking at this definition we find that a warrior is not limited to only a battle field, swords, spears, bows and arrows, and guns. When we look at the definition we can see that all of us can be categorized as a warrior, because all of us are involved with some form of conflict. Whether the conflict is in an office, on a computer, in a family, or through argument we all deal with conflict. I am just stating that those on the journey adopt this word to describe themselves and work to becoming the best in their personal field. We do this by practice, and eventually through practice grow habits that benefit us.
When warriors come together and practice the form a culture that is enforced by the habits of the group.
Individual warriors have habits, groups have habits, community have habits, cities have habits, and etc... When we take notice of this we not only can change our lives but develop habits that can change ourselves and some of the people around us. When a group of people come together and develop habits they become an unstoppable force for change. If this group is honest with its self they can adjust and change habits that are not successful.
My friend is where I have notice I have fallen short. By not paying attention to the power of habits personally and group wide, I have seen the growth and fall of several organizations. Now I know better and will do better.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears


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