Cultural Legacy

I was given a challenge, and I accepted. I have to develop a character building curriculum for a school and implement it throughout the year. This means that I had to do some research to add to what I already have in my head. I was fortunate enough to run into a book that I had been told to read before, but I let it pass. The title of the book is "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell. Excellent book, and I also had the fortune of running into a app called that allowed me to listen to the book on the move and make notes. I would suggest this app for all those on the Journey.
Enough of my commercial and to the meat of this blog today. After listening to the book and Malcolm Gladwell stressing the importance of "Cultural Legacy" in the development of people, the question of what is my cultural legacy? Many may not think this is an important question, but after listening to "outliers" I have to strongly disagree. In the book the author was able to make connections and compare different peoples success, but the one thing that it always came back to was the person's cultural legacy. As a African-American I could not help but look back into my history, and ask what exactly is my generation being set up for. I have not doubt I and my generation is being put in a place of greatness but in order for me to know or at least have a clue of what it is I need to peer into my cultural legacy. So I will wrestle with this question for the next few weeks.


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