Family Pyramid Math

Family Pyramid Math

2- 1st generation 30 years
4- 2nd generation 60 years
8- 3rd generation 90 years
16- 4th generation 120 years
32-5th generation 150 years
64-6th generation 180 years
128-7th generation 210 years
256-8th generation 240 years
512-9th generation 270 years
1024-10th generation 300 years
2048-11th generation 330 years
4096-12th generation 360 years
8192-13th generation 390 years
16384-14th generation 420 years
32768-15th generation 450 years
65536-16th generation 480 years
131072-17th generation 510 years
262144-18th generation 540 years
524288-19th generation 570 years
1048576-20th generation 600 years

Total number of people involved (20 generations) = 2097150 people

Here is the math behind the Family Pyramid:
I had my students do the math and I put some finishing touches on it. 
When I first looked at these numbers I was humbled. These numbers at the same time for me pointed out the importance of my life, but proved that my life was not totally mine. What I mean by that is that this life, this moment that I exist in has been purchased by those who came before me. 
Hopefully these numbers cause you to ask some critical questions about yourself and your destiny. For some these numbers may cause a a crisis of faith because the numbers don't jive with some creation stories. Either way I hope you get some lesson from these simple numbers, and wrestle with the facts they present to you. Hopefully you rightfully feel great as well as humbled. As I pointed out to those in my classes "within that number every area of life was represented, that was at least one doctor, scientist, lawyer, carpenter, plumber, star athlete, pastor, herbalist, politician, inventor, and etc.. So please tell me what is it that you can not accomplish?"


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