Rappers' Brains: Relaxed 'Executive Function' May Enable Freestyle Raps

Is it just me or do scientist try to make things more complicated than it really is. The fact is that anything that we do on a regular basis becomes a habit. When things become habit we know longer needed the frontal cortex to be involved. We develop habits to help us survive, habits allow us to do things without putting conscious thought into the process which give us the ability to do it automatically and free the frontal cortex to do other things. For example when you drive for years you know longer have to think about all the steps involved and you can focus on other things like drinking coffee, talk on the phone and still be able to adjust to changes on the road we are driving down.
True rappers practice their skill on the mic and is able to create on the spot because they have applied themselves to the practice and experiences that are necessary to be a freestyle MC. There is no abnormality about it. It is the simple fact of practice, practice and more practice. I experience the same phenomenon when I am telling a story or speaking publicly. Everyone that has worked on a skill in life has experienced this. I have done it so long it is as simple as drinking water. checkout the article
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Rappers' Brains: Relaxed 'Executive Function' May Enable Freestyle Raps:

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