Do You Own Your Life Or Do You Possess Your Life

Do you Own your life, or do you possess your life, this question was presented to me by one of my brothers. We were having a conversation about how to change the world. He is always  able to bring out excellent questions that make me think. The question appeared simple at first, but when I let it roll around in my head I could see the difference. To own something means that it belongs to you in all ways. When you own something, you can actually do with it what you please. You can change it, build on it, or even destroy it. You in most cases to do not need anyone's permission to do any of these things. Ownership gives you power over a thing that you can use and benefit from.
 You can possess something without owning it, although it appears to be yours it is not. You can't change it, or add to it. It can be taken away from you at any time.
Many people can't seem to tell the difference between these two things. Since they don't recognize a difference they lose out. When we own our lives we are open to the power and take ownership of everything that flows from it. When we possess our lives our actions belong to others. We fall into the trapped laid out for us by the world, and give away our lives for pennies, but we rent the same life from others for dollars.
Start owning your life and the products of it.


  1. It really does make you appreciate the abilities you have!!


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