Saturday, December 28, 2013

Humbleness As A Tool

I have noticed that many people lack humbleness, I guess that this principle has been dismissed as something that is old fashion and has been thrown on the scrapheap of history. Humbleness, I have found to be a necessary weapon of a warrior. Humbleness is one of the major principles that need to be honed and sharpened in the old and young. 
How can you learn if you have no humbleness? Yes high self esteem is important, but for some reason humbleness has been removed from the concept of esteem and replaced with false pride. In order to learn we have to be able bow our heads, close our mouths, and open our two ears. There is no learning without a humble heart. In order to learn we have  be willing to admit our ignorance about a situation. Admitting ignorance requires humbleness which  is important and can not be done by someone who has confused pride with self esteem. Admitting ignorance to someone or an institution is the first step to being able to gain the knowledge they may have to share with you. But if you act as if what they have to give you is of no value why should or would they share their hard earned knowledge with you.
It appears that many people believe that they are entitled to the knowledge of their elders, schools and etc., but the fact is we are owed nothing. It is against the very laws of the universe that you get something for nothing, including knowledge. When you receiving knowledge from someone our payment for this knowledge is our humbleness that we give to the person serving us by teaching. This is why the role of the teacher has always been so respected throughout time. The Teacher serves the community by giving their knowledge with their students. Yes they may be paid for this with money or objects, but the ultimate payment to fully receive what the teacher has to give is or humbleness. 
Being humble is hard work and we are repaid by the lessons we receive. I am not suggesting that a person need to be a silent robot, but we do need to be silent and pay attention. We can ask question but this must be done with respect. Humbleness is just another form of respect that is a gift that we give to those that give us gifts of knowledge and skill. Our humbleness paves the way for us to receive greater knowledge and eventually wisdom.
So in the coming year be sure to embrace the weapon of humbleness and wield it with strength and power and watch the growth you will achieve. 

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