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Folktales for Grown Folks- The Vain Jackdaw
Folktales for Grown Folks- The Vain Jackdaw -

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Folktales for Grown Folks- The Vain Jackdaw


Thank you for joining us again. Here is your folktale, read, listen, and share your wisdom with the world.





The Vain Jackdaw

by Aesop JUPITER determined, it is said, to create a sovereign over the birds, and made proclamation that, on a certain day, they should all present themselves before him, when he would himself choose the most beautiful among them to be king.



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Read fable for yourself and then enjoy my podcast.






FolkTales For GrownFolks | Spreaker - Be Heard

This show was created to introduce the listener to folktales, myths and legends. The story will be told and the lessons will be extracted and discussed. A poetic license has been taken with each story and some will be told in an adult fashion (for those I will post adult content),so be ready to be shocked, and entertained.



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Checkout my book of stories "Lost Art of Story Tellin'", and also support the Journey through our store.





The Lost Art of Story Tellin'

This is a book of some stories that have helped me in my life and work, some I created other's I adapted. I wanted to share the power of stories, and hopefully motivate others to write their own story, as well as create new stories that can save the world.



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Gye-Nyame Journey - Hu$tler'$ In$piration



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