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Hu$tler$ In$piration 4

I like to thank all those that took the time to checkout this newsletter. I will begin to send this newsletter out once a week to keep you up with what is going on with the Journey. If you like feel free to share with your friends and family. I created this email newsletter to keep people informed about what I am doing, as well as to drop some important info about subjects that I research.
By reading and passing this email on you are supporting the Journey, and once again I thank you. If you have any comments feel free to email me. If you have events or any other info to share with my listeners and readers feel free to send it to me as well. If you would like to stop receiving this email please click the link at the bottom and you will be removed.


Gye-Nyame Journey- Hu$tler'$ In$piration Store

Checkout some of the products we have developed to help keep you inspired. We not only asked you to purchase some of our products, but challenge you to create your own. open your own store and let us know so that we can send people your way.
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Day 1- Tribal Quotes

Join us on day one as we begin this 90 day process. We will be looking for insights and the clues of success that has been left for us in the words of our elders, ancestors, and others. Join the Journey as we go "Wisdom Mining", and see what rare jewels you can find to change and empower your life.

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"Gye-Nyame Journey Workbook" by Ha2tim Gye-Nyame
Purchase the book and follow us through the 90 day process

This is a workbook that will assist you in your journey to SelfMastery.By helping you plug into your own wisdom by exploring the compiled quotes and proverbs of others.
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On Mile 3

This show is about SelfMastery, and whatever else hits my mind as I hit mile 3 on my fitness run. I have found that I experience a natural high after I run 3 miles so prepare yourself for a crazy ride as we run and hit various subjects.
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The rules of this show are simple, I can not broadcast unless I run at least 3 miles. Feel free to go through the archives and listen to any of the 75 shows I have completed. That's a lot of miles. Hopefully you will not only listen but be inspired to join me on my Journey to fitness and enlightenment.


Simplicity Is Not Easy- Latest episode of "On Mile 3"

I have found that keeping it simple is not easy, especially in a world that is bent on selling you everything. In a world where everything is made convient and easy ; simplicity has become hard to maintain. I also hit on the fact that all these conviences are not only moving us away from simplicity, but also causing us to lose the edge that may have helped us move to success.
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Here is an interesting article I found about running and building and maintaining muscle throughout life. 
For The Mythic "Gye-Nyame People" running was the highest form of prayer.


Optimum Performance: New study shows stronger connection between running and building muscle

"Aerobic exercise training is associated with improvements in aerobic capacity, cardiovascular function, and metabolic regulation," noted researchers at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Endocrine Research Unit at the Taylor University School of Natural and Applied Science in the April 2014 issue of Exercise and Sports Sciences Reviews.
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I Am Hiphop
Hip-Hop is a culture(built upon the 9 elements djin,rap,breakin,graffeti, beatboxin,street knowledge, street fashion, street language, street entrepreneurship)  and like any culture it can be viewed metaphorically as a double edge sword. It can cut your enemy, and you as well. The question that all those that consider themselves Hiphoppas have to face is "will we continue to allow our Culture to be guided by those that do not have our best interest at heart?"
In Columbus we have decided to take back Hip-Hop, and also to begin to spread real Hiphop to those who have been looking for it ( Study Groups). One of the first projects that we have begun is the "Magic Hour" a podcast where we share the element of rap produced in columbus. #columbushiphopstandup
Hopefully we will inspire others to do the same in their cities. If we Hiphoppas want to take our culture back we have to do it city by city, and we have started here. Checkout and support the magic hour by simple listening, downloading, sharing, and supporting your favorite local artist.
We will be launching the 20th episode of the "Magic Hour" on sunday 4-20-14 at 12am, and it is hot this week, here is the play list:

2. Trap Shuttle- Young Trap feat Thunda
3. Oh Yeah- AFM
4. Can I Get Your Number- Nigel feat Bezzy
5. Stand Up- Ryan Montez
6. On My Bullshit- Deli feat Y2da
7. Put Your Hands Up - Ant feat Cheddar Cheese
8. My Year - Phame
9. That's Supa- Supa
10. One Life To Live- Shekem M.A.C.K 10
11. Broken Bottles- Work
12. A'int Stuntin -Genuise
13. Lord Have Mercy- Bucktown Bullies
14. Digg Me -YG feat Wise
15. You Know What It Is- Cersire feat Wise Guy
16. See Me Blow- J. Jones Demari and Boogieyman


Magic Hour

After years of being behind the scenes in the lab creating music, DJ Kid Magic Rock has decided to share with the world the talent that has graced his studio. Tune in and see what is happening in hip-hop via Columbus, Ohio.
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"The Player's Pyramid" by Ha2tim Gye-Nyame

This is the updated edition of the book that moves the reader on to the road to SelfMastery. Read and use this information to develop yourself and your life.
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This is a morning podcast designed to help get you ready for the day. The podcast will be under 5 minutes and it will inspire you to move #aboveandbeyond the craziness in the world. Tune in and get your morning booster shot. So after listening to the show get in front of your favorite mirror and #giveyourselfpermission.
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Here is the latest episode of #giveyourselfpermission


Session 84

Give yourself permission to get in tune with your intuition.
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The SelfMastery session "Hip-Hop through ROP" went well this week. WE completed the 3rd chapter of Black Dots book "The Hip-Hop Matrix" the conversation flowed and learning went on. We also had a chance to move into a little yoga led by Brother Mansur. I want to thank all those that came out, and remember practice your breathing and workout regiment. Checkout podcast below


Hip-Hop Through Rites Of Passage- 4

discussion and completion of 3rd chapter of Hip-Hop matrix by Black Dot
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Thank you for checking out this enews letter, if you liked please share all or parts of it. Remember support the Journey and I will be sharing with you next week.
I will be sending out some other e-news letters with varied info, if you do not want to be on the list just simple opt out at the bottom and you will automaticly be removed from the list. Thank you

Brother ha2tim



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