Next Level NationBuilding

Many people are probably wondering what does selling energy have to do with NationBuilding? After many years of trying "to make a dollar out of 15 cent", I have personally come to the conclusion that any activities that claim to be about NationBuilding must have at their core an economic life. Selling energy provides an economic life for Gye-Nyame. We started gathering some of our family and friends, introducing them to Ambit and money has begun to flow to us in away we never expected. By bringing value to others, by saving them money on their electricity bill we have created a stream of income that is flowing into our tribe.
In order for a Nation to exist there must be an economic life. This economic life must flow regularly. Economics is the life blood of a people, if you stop the flow of economics you destroy the people. By plugging Gye-Nyame Journey into utilities (electricity for now) we establish a flow of resources to our tribe that can be used to provide money for all of our nationbuilding activities. It is estimated that the average family spends $60 per month for electricity, and now Gye-Nyame Journey has the getting a piece of this from all of our customers.
We plan to recruit 250 customers, build our team up to 50 consultants within the next 6 months. Our long term goal is to move to 150,000 customers in central Ohio by 2018. Hopefully after reading this you will join us in attempting to build this economic life. Everyone that is involved also receive an economic boost, either as consultant or a customer. Consultants have an opportunity to benefit from each customer they recruit, as well as eventually getting enough customers to receive free energy, and residuals. Our customers will be able to save money, receive reward points for trips, and if they recruit they can receive free energy as well. This will help to keep thousands of dollars in our community per month. So not only does Gye-Nyame benefit but the entire community benefits.


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