The Wolves and the Sheepdogs

This fable is an important one that we need to really look in depth at. This fable brings up the idea at least for me of who to trust, slick talkers, and the subtle differences between people. Many of us have been confronted by at least one of these issues in our lifetime, and if not, you soon will. Aesop had a way of putting stories together that was simple but gave a profound lesson to those willing to read and learn.

Lesson 1:

Who to trust- how many times have each of us been faced with a crisis of trust. Who can and who should I trust is , I believe a common struggle. Learning to tell who is trustworthy is one of the most important skills that we will ever be faced with.

Slick Talkers- Beware the the silk tongued devils, they have a way of weaving webs of deception that can send you down the road of destruction.

Subtle Differences- Be aware of those small differences that separate you from others. Differences that we may ignore can cause us many issues, some of which may be bodily harm, as well as lost of life.

Read the story and also tune in and hear the podcast:

FFGF Podcast- The Wolves & The Sheepdog - The Wolves and the Sheepdogs - General Fable collection:

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