How To Get "That Ambrosia" & Support The Journey

I have been sipping on "That Ambrosia" and thinking about how can I get this elixir out to more people. Since this a product of Gye-Nyame Journey, I decided to use it to help raise funds for all that we do. So we have connected "That Ambrosia" to our Gumroad Page or our Patreon Page . If you want to sip this god juice just click the link where you will get options on how you will receive your gift. If you become a Patron which means that your are supporting the Journey on the monthly basis you receive:
*For $5 per month you will receive a bottle per month of your choosing (Original, Justice League(lemon, lime & ginger), Ginseng, Death-Eater, and Beet you up)
*For $10 per month receive 2 complimentary bottles per month of your choosing.
*For $20 per month you receive a complimentary 4 pack per month of your choosing
*For $30 per month you receive a complimentary 6 pack per month of your choosing
*For $50 per month you receive a complimentary 12 pack per month of your choosing

But what if you don't want to commit, you like Gye-Nyame Journey but you don't want to give on a monthly basis. That's cool, you can click on the rewards button and give an amount listed and still receive some of "That Ambrosia". I have to stress that I came up with this idea because I don't like the idea of having people giving but receiving nothing, so "That Ambrosia" is my way of giving back to you.
We will deliver to those willing to support us if you live in Columbus, and the surrounding areas. If you live outside of a 25 mile radius, you will have to pay for shipping and handling through FedEx.



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