"That Ginseng Ambrosia"

It has been a fabulous 2 weeks since I have introduced "That Ambrosia" to the wider group, the response has been overwhelming. I have added some new flavors and will begin posting about each one, as well as briefly discuss the possible health benefits. I say possible health benefits because I am not an expert, and I don't want to mislead those that our trying the elixirs. I also want to remind everyone that "That Ambrosia" is a live beverage and the Alchemical process still continues in the bottle, so make sure that you do not shake up the product before you open or you will lose part of your drink. "That Ambrosia" (for more information about the possible health benefits of the Original Ambrosia click the link). We chose to incorporate the powerful Ginseng root into "That Ambrosia" to take advantage of the benefits that come with ginseng. For those that don't know ginseng is a very popular herb that is known to provide people with an energy boost which is why many people substitute it for coffee, it may lower blood sugar, help the body fight stress by helping the individual to relax, some herbalist use it to combat diabetes, and last but definitely not least it is none to give men a little help in the bed room, it also thought to help with some sexual dysfunctions.  Ginseng is also known for it's ability to clear up thoughts and help you think, it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent, it has been used to help fight and prevent cancer and it has also been used to fight the flu. What more could you ask for from a little man shaped root. Now when we add the magic of fermentation we may unlock a life saving elixir that can be consumed as a daily tonic.
The best way to deal with this is to place it in the refrigerator to cool it down and to allow it to settle. The live cultures are still working their magic which produces carbon dioxide which is why the elixir is carbonated. Now that I have that disclaimer out the way, let us talk about the next herb that is being used in
"That Ambrosia" has a distinct taste, that changes from batch to batch, but the one consistent thing is that the probiotic effects still remain.
"That Ginseng Ambrosia" is now available, and by you supporting the Journey you can get you some. We even deliver. To find out how to get involved and get rewarded with your own bottles goto  Gye-Nyame Journey's page on Patreon and become a supporter. That will grantee that on monthly basis you will receive this living elixir and be able to add it to your daily regiment.
Here is a Toast to your health, longevity, and Legacy. Let's get to building toward our future.

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