Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Folktales For Grown Folks- The Peacock & Juno (fable will change your life)

Here you go Family if you missed the live stream, and you want to keep up with gnj. This Folktale is a life changer. I just ask that you open your mind and listen in. Get out of the peacock phase of your life, and move into what is for you. Many of us aren't getting blessed in life, jobs, careers, relationships, oppotunities, and etc.. because we keep wlaking right pass them. The creator, and your Ancestors have laid your blessing out and all you have to do is stop looking at others stuff, and pull what is in you out. the poor ignorant peacock was sitting in the midst of beauty and couldn't recognize it. The peacock was sitting at the feet of its benafactor moaning and crying, and even after the goddess spoke he could not hear. Oh peacock (you) shut your mouth and embrace the beauty within you, embrace the power in you, embrace the kujichagulia in you and change your reality.

peace & 1hunidyears

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