Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 315171 (Culture Cures) Warning this will blow up your Paradigm

Great Day FAM:
We are on the verge of a marvelous day, and I want to be the first to greet you on this magnificent day of Ujima. We will be talking about the healing aspect of culture. We will also discuss how culture can be used against you as well. I need to stress that I believe that culture is the software that can determine our success in life, and when we build using the guiding principles of healthy culture we can overcome anything. Culture is a energy that flows from the people and forms the practice that enable a people first to strive, and once they master their culture it enables them to form reality around them. The question that each of my Journeyers should be asking themselves now, is what the culture am I following,and where is it leading me.
I had the pleasure of interacting with many wise men and women in my life, and one of the most powerful lessons that I received was from Brother Albino Garcia who taught me that Culture Cures. When a people are separated from their culture they are vulnerable to attacks that otherwise would be thwarted by culture. culture helps people identify their relationship and role in the world, strip it away and a people become like a rudderless ship set adrift in a Stormy sea. Another piece of wisdom that was gifted to me, was from Elder Howard a brilliant brother that belonged to the Nation of Islam. He was student of herbs, and juicing. He gave me the best description of God & the devil that I still hold on till this day. He said that the whole universe can be described using mathematics, and to illustrate his fact he used simple math to illustrate the nature of God (Good) and the Devil (Evil). He said that if you ever need to evaluate which one you are dealing with know that God (Good) adds and multiplies, while the Devil (Evil) always subtracts and divides. Now think about that for a moment, and look for the evidence in your life. Now when looking at this concept please expand it beyond a small time frame, because if you look at it without time you will get confused. Here is an example of what I mean in 1994 or 1995 I was shot, if I would look at that situation just in isolation I would come out thinking it was an evil event, but when I reflect upon the overall effect on my life it totally added and multiplied the things that were going on in it.
Now let's apply this same wisdom to culture. Does the culture that you practice add and multiply your life or is it subtracting and dividing from it. If we want culture to cure we have to begin to apply those ideas, principles, foods, thoughts, and etc., that add and multiply our lives. If we don't then we are dooming ourselves to a sickness that is equivalent to dieing of thirst on a boat surrounded by fresh water.

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