Daily Toast- Imani 57171

Peace FAM:
Great Imani to you, and hopefully you are seeing the effects from joining me each day. When we celebrate our ancestors they celebrate us, and begin to be active in our life. Many of you will begin experiencing lucky incidents, but do not put it off on luck. These are ancestral intercessions, your ancestors are acting upon your life as you act upon theirs. Your thoughts of them provide energy, and life flows from energy. I have been told that our ancestors do not help us because they are starving. We have pushed to the back of our lives, if not pushed them all of the way out. When we toast, and pour libations, we send them axe' that they can use. As we continue this process we will begin to notice that small events that are happening for us will begin to grow. So stay on it with me and bear witness.
Now today I simply wanted to share the importance  of Imani in the building of the Gye-Nyame Complex. Which I believe will be a major power move for us. We will have communities spread out over the country that will have concentrated political, economic, social, and military power. That alone will be enough to help secure the future of our children.
nuff said


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