Tha Conscious Rasta Drops Jewels Of Wisdom

Peace FAM:
Brother Keidi Obi Awadu came to this year's Malcolm X Festival and dropped some information that had me spell bound. Brother broke down where we were and pointed out some major opportunities that is available to those of us in Columbus, Ohio. Powerful words that anyone that takes the time to listen in can grow from. If you are conscious or moving toward it then listen and download this podcast so that you can review.
It is incredible to me that the vibe that I am in at this point of my life is ringing loud enough for everyone to lick up. Brother Keidi echoed the fact that I have been stressing, we are in a cultural crisis. We need to practice sankofa and go back and fetch what was stripped from us and remix it so that we can move forward in this world. If we don't begin competing and prepare our children we will miss the platinum opportunities that are laying before.
Come on family this is a time for heroes, and the battle lines are being drawn. We have a chance to shake off all the issues that are confronting us by aligning our selves personally and as a tribe or tribes with our ancestral wisdom.
Those that are ready to build take the challenge, and support speakers like this brother.
I stress the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge because this is my contribution, but there are other people out there as well doing the work. Align yourself with a viable tribe that is working and not just talking, but doing. We don't need complicated philosophies, confused and confusing theologies. We just need people ready to work on themselves and build where they are. Hopefully you are that one that we have been waiting for. Key Note adress
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears


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