Daily Toast

Peace FAM:
Daily we gather aroung the "virtual community fire" known as the internet to lift our glasse to salute those who came before us. I decided that we needed to create a ritual where we lift up our personal Ancetors. My personal favorite part of libations has always been where we salute those ancestors that we rose from, and I feel that often we overlook them for the bigger names that we learn in our classes. I wanted to set a space and a time where we focused exclusively on our persoanl ancestors. In my studies I have learned that "hell (at least the closest thing we had to a hell) for an African was being forgotten." That is why I am diligent about making sure that we mention there names every morning. What started as me celebrating my ancestors turned into building up a community list, and group of people that have introduced the concept of Toasting into their lives.  Through this process which has been going on everyday for the last 17 months we have introduced the idea of using the Nguzo Saba to replace the days of the week, we discuss health and healing, and most importantly NationBuilding.
We invite you to join us as we Toast our Ancestors Umoja-Nia 5:15 am EST and Kuumba & Imani when you can catch me. We stream live on FB, spreaker.com/ha2tim, and youtube.com/ha2tim. The only thing you need is a glass, some water and a health drink for the Toast. The show last between 30 minutes & 1 hour. Come take the challenge and maybe you can become a #dailytoaster.


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