Monday, August 19, 2019

The Power Of Copper

For those that have been checking out my show for the past few months, you hopefully have noticed that I have been using a copper pitcher to hold my water. Now you know I like to try out things before I suggest them to the tribe, and here is something that I highly suggest for the FAM. Copper has been praised as of late for its health benefits, but I must be honest the only reason I tried it was
Cups Don't Stay Shiny
because I received a copper cup as a gift. At first I was not impressed, but as I started using it for my water it began to feel good to me. First off, I felt like royalty drinking  from a metal cup, and for some reason the cup and contents always seemed to be at the perfect temperature for me. After about a week of drinking from the cup I decided to do some research, and that is when I became impressed by the properties of copper.

Copper Water Bottle
For those on the journey the first surprise I got about copper was the fact that copper is used by some enzymes to produce melanin. After I read about that I was hooked, but there is more. Copper is supposed to positively charge water and in the process purify it. Copper is supposed to kill unhealthy microorganisms like molds, fungi, algae, and bacteria. The copper ions are supposed to get into the water to help bring the body's PH into balance. It is also known as a strong anti-oxidant and aids in the formation of healthy skin cells (eliminates wrinkles). If you are looking for something that helps with weight loss, water that has been sitting in a copper vessel helps by helping the body breakdown fat, and properly eliminate it. For those that suffer from anemia copper can help because it is an required element with in the body that is used to help us with the formation of cells, and aids the body in absorbing other minerals like iron.

When I first started with the copper drinking cup I figured since it had all those benefits especially when it came to melanin. I should make drinking from copper part of my daily ritual. So I ordered a copper water bottle to use in the office, so that I could stay hydrated during the work day. The beautiful color helped me remember to drink my water and it felt so good that I wanted to move to starting my day with some copper water.

I graduated from the water bottle because that would not hold enough water for me to do a proper toast. I decided to get me a copper pitcher so that I could have enough water to start my day off to a great start. By adding the copper pitcher to my daily ritual it gave me the opportunity to experience water that sits in copper for 24 hours. That is when the magic started for me. I can taste a slight metallic flavor in the water, and it started feeling good. I have always been healthy so I can't say that I have noticed any of the health benefits, but the taste of the water helps get me ready for my day. I believe that you can benefit from using copper as well, and maybe we can share some notes, or insights if you chose to embark on this journey.

To checkout the the copper vessels that I use just follow the links:

Copper Cup

Copper Water Bottle

Copper Pitcher


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